Advice for exhibitors

The committee is here to help. When exhibiting, give yourself plenty of time to prepare your entries and stage them on the morning of the show. The committee has put together the following downloadable guidelines to help exhibitors.

Framed Dahlia (class 49) A single dahlia bloom (any size) to be mounted within the inside perimeter of a photo frame (any colour and material - maximum external dimensions 23 x 18 cm). Only dahlia foliage allowed. To assemble: Make a hole in the backing around the centre line and mount your chosen bloom on it, cutting the stem to about 10cm (4 inches) long so that it can protrude through and sit in a small water filled container at the rear. Here are photos of the front and side/rear of an exhibit one of our committee members put together for demonstration.

Front view
Side/rear view

Vase of 3 large flowered roses, 1 variety: 1 bud, 1 bloom and 1 blown (class 44) The RHS describe this class as "Three-stage roses - Three blooms of one cultivar: one in the bud stage, one in the perfect stage, and one in the full bloom stage". The advice to the judges is that "The bud should be showing its full colour, with one or two petals beginning to unfurl, the perfect-stage bloom should be half to three-quarters open and the full bloom should be fully open with the stamens looking fresh".

The above guidelines give some examples of the different classes within the schedule. If you need more information, please contact a committee member either before the show or during staging on the morning of the show. We may look busy on the day of the show, but we're there to help you stage your exhibit if needed. If you don't already know us, you'll be able to recognise us by the name badges that we will be wearing.

You can find details of the committee on the Committee page or in the Show Schedule. If you prefer, you can contact us via email at . Don't forget that like most people, committee members take holidays during the summer months, so there may be a delay to our response during those months (we don't all take our laptops on holiday!!)